Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My New Home (in a sewing sort of way...)

These keys opened up a whole new dimension for me. This was taken the night I was given them, the keys to my new adventure. A workspace OUT of the home. And, going into my fourth week of being on the new premises, I can't believe how many changes have happened because of this. I have put this off for a long time simply because all I earn (like so many others) goes to support my family. Having to fork out some money for rent etc, just seemed like a setback as I was working fine from home. But it wasn't.

Why wasn't it? When you work from home, you need discipline to actually get up and DO the work you need to do. I wasn't too bad at that, but homelife brings added distractions. Friends ringing to see if you were home for coffee, or looking after my daughter after school finished because I was home, or doing housework on my way through to the kitchen or bathroom because I was home. We all know it, we all do it. PLUS you are constantly working! I am only realising how MUCH I was constantly working now, because of being out of the house. You are always either doing housework or doing Workwork. Even sat watching a film, you are working on something. The Difference now?? I go to work and all I have to think about is Work! The quiet around you allows you to think of making new ideas, rather than a panic of having SO much to do that you just need to make what you always make so you can earn money. I come home in the evening, my work is finished! I can spend time with my family, working around my home. I actually caught myself lingering at the dinner table wondering what to do next and not being able to think of anything I felt I HAD to do (the dishes were being taken care of!) I feel relaxed and revitalised as regards work. I really was in a state of feeling close to Burnout! Don't get me wrong, I am still working REALLY hard and working all the time, but the separation of the two workplaces creates a barrier and stops them crossing over and absorbing time from each other.

I am also making the workroom a bit of an inspiring haven. I never really did this in my own home, because it was my home, and it was in my front room and my spare room, and I was trying to keep them as such. But down the road in ThistlePatch headquarters I can do what I like!! I even have a Noddy doll in there!! I have come up with two new products and I have been working on perfecting zips and making things that I need to pull the sewing machine out for. Not that I have to pull it out of course, because it is there! On my table, sitting waiting for me to use it. Definitely inspiring, AND motivating! (did I tell you I joined a Quilting group??!!) learning new skills, it is important too! All part of work and training.

So, do I recommend it? Totally absolutely completely! Find somewhere affordable to give it a trial before making decisions. I decided to try this place out for a month, to see if it increased my productivity and could pay for itself ... I think I'll be keeping it on! But you never truly know until you try! It is very hard to describe the feeling of your own workshop and the benefits to the quality of life it brings! ... I am away there now, if you visit, bring Cake!! xx

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  1. Go Nadine, it's just fabulous! Everything about it is pretty! Are you allowed to hang things on the walls at all? I love it